Audio Cassette Tape Conversion

An array of Audio Cassette Tapes are shown side by side in te photo. They are mainly Sony C90 and C60 with their reels rewound, and have green and silver labels.
Audio Sound Tapes waiting for conversion to digital computer files, mp3 and CD

Audio Cassette Tape Conversion, Sandbach, Cheshire, UK

Audio cassettes were very popular in the 1970's and 80s. They were a cheap way of being able to record performances by groups and aritists when performing practice sessions, gigs, or playing concerts. You could use simple home cassette recorders with built in microphones or externally connected mics to record a session. In radio's you could easily record broadcast programs and radio interviews. They also carried pre-recorded music and audio story books, but these were superceded by CD. We transfer the data to computer digital audio files like mp3 or to audio cd you can play in the car or home cd players. This Video Recovery was filed under words like audio cassette conversion.

Audio Tape Conversion Lab, Audio Cassette, Sandbach, Cheshire, UK

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Audio Cassette

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We can provide Video Recovery for Audio Cassette. This case was related to Audio Sound Tapes waiting for conversion to digital computer files, mp3 and CD.