Disc cannot be finalised error

A DVD disc that could not be finalised has arrived for video recovery in our lab. This disc is by JVC double side 2.8gb but we also see many other like Sony, TDK and Panasonic. This picture shows the video data burn side with darker rings indicating where the video has been stored or saved to the surface.
Disk empty - cannot be finalised

Disc cannot be finalised error, Newport, Gwent, UK

Here is a typical example of a situation where we can recover the video from the mini DVD. "I was filming / recording a children show on my Sony Handycam (model DCR-DVD908E) when all of a sudden I got a message like 'recovering data....do not give shock' something like that. However, nothing happened and the could not see any of the footage and when the DVD is in the camera, it shows 'disc access'. The disc cannot be finalised as when I try, it says 'the finalise function is not currently available'." ... This is a common complaint - the best thing to do is stop and contact us. The less that happens to the disk the better the chances of recovery. This Video Recovery was filed under words like disc cannot be finalised error.

Mini DVD Video Recovery Lab, Finalize DVD, Newport, Gwent, UK

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Finalize DVD

Finalize DVD problems that we recover data from are listed below.
disc, cannot, be, finalised, error.
We can provide Video Recovery for Finalize DVD. This case was related to Disk empty - cannot be finalised.