Memorex dvd only partly plays back - video recovery

A Memorex mini DVD from a Panasonic DVD recorder. The disk underwent finalization but after copying it, the dvd player freezes and stutters on playback.
Memorex mini dvd video recovery

Memorex dvd only partly plays back - video recovery, Wisconsin, , USA

Memorex mini DVD marked Jan17 2008 used in a Panasonic Mini DVD recorder. Disc had been finalized and played back ok. However after attempting to copy the dvd it now locks up the dvd palyer part way through playback. (Recovered video was placed on a regular dvd). I used you a couple of years ago and you were a total lifesaver! Thank you so much again! This Video Recovery was filed under words like memorex mini dvd recover video.

Mini DVD Video Recovery Lab, DVD locks up during playback, Wisconsin, , USA

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DVD locks up during playback

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