Mini DVD Handycam and Camcorder Video Recovery Reviews

We recover mini DVD with C1302 and disc access errors, finalize dvd, disc empty or not showing video clips, disc dirty, disc not finalized
Mini DVD Video Recovery Services

Mini DVD Video Recovery Reviews...

Recover Fujifilm corrupted DVD after finalized in a Panasonic VDR-D100

A Fujifilm DVD-RDS Double Sided 60 min 2.8GB which had one side recorded in a Panasonic Camcorder. The disc shows clearly the burn marks where data was recorded to it but the owner could not view any of the files.
Corrupted Mini DVD recovery after it was finalized in a Panasonic VDR-D100 camera.

Judy Ho, Oakland, California, USA
Panasonic DVD RAM Finalize disc. The DVD issue I encountered on my Panasonic VDR-D100 - I recorded a video, finalized it, but the disk is not readable for some reason. I could not access files when I placed the disk back in the recorder. I received the DVD today and was able to view the contents.
Data Recovery Services provided the quick, affordable, and professional services I needed to recover a sentimental family interview I thought I had lost on a corrupted DVD. I contacted Data Recovery Services and received a response with a very reasonable estimate within 24-hours. I agreed to the quote, shipped off my disk, and hoped for the best. Within a few days I received an email from the firm stating that they had received my shipment. A few hours later I received another email stating that my data had been recovered. A few hours after that I was informed that my data was coming back home to me in the US. Overall, great experience, and great communication. Thank you!!.

DVD-RW Video Data Recovery Handycam Formatted Disc

A camcorder with the lcd display screen pointing forwards. The camera can record video footage to dvd-rw disks.
Video Camera DVD-RW Formatted Disk data recovery

Bradley Stoke Gloucestershire
Just a quick note to let you know that our disc arrived safely as promised. Ruth and I are over the moon to have our wedding video back from erased data land . . . panic over . . . . all thanks to Apex Technology.In this day and age we are all very quick to moan when we are faced with poor service and I personally would like to do the opposite in this note.Apex Technology offered and provided superb service, excellent communications and the desired end product with data fully recovered . . . what more can I say except . . . Thank you so much, we are very grateful..

DVD disc shows nothing Sony DCR-DVD406E

A Sony DCR-DVD406E handycam shown side elevation. The camera records to a DVD whch the customer found was blank but they knew they had recorded footage to it which they needed to have recovered.
DVD disc blank when in Sony DCR-DVD406E camera

The DVD disc was from a Sony Handycam DCR-DVD406E. Video had been recorded to the disk some time ago. Now when the disc is in the camera it shows nothing there, but the footage was there last time I looked. A magazine was doing an article and was waiting for the footage! We needed video converting to Quick Time format not mpegs so that the video editor can work with them.

Maxell DVD will not play or record in Handycam

A Maxell DVD-RW that was from a Sony Handycam (DCR-DVD110E). The disc would not play back the videos or allow further videos to be recorded, however the customer needed them to be recovered.
Maxell mini DVD will not play in Camcorder DCR-DVD100E

Walsall, West Midlands
DVD-RW Maxell 2.8gb used in Sony Handycam digital video recorder (DCR-DVD110E). The Double Sided Disc cannot be read in the handycam or allow anything else to be recorded to it. All other DVD discs worked fine in the Camcorder. Just needed the video on Side A to be recovered. Thanks - the recovery was great news..

Finalise mini DVDs that cannot be viewed

A pair of Mini DVDs that had recordings on them but had not been finalised. Therefore the disks would not play the movies, and the customer needed them recovering.
Mini DVDs that need to be finalised to play

Huddersfield, Yorkshire
25 Mini DVDs - We recorded the video to these disks. However now we cannot view the recordings as disk were not finalized. The camcorder that took the movies is now broken. Thank you for your patience over the matter. I am so pleased that you managed to recover these videos for me. I thank you grately..

Samsung SC-DC164 finalise dvd recovery

A Samsung SC-DC164 which recorded video to a DVD-RW but the disk would not finalize allowing it to playback on other dvd recorders and players.
Samsung SC-DC164 finalise dvd solution

Chicago, Illinois, USA
I was looking for a solution to a "bad disk" DVD-RW error on what appears to be a perfectly good disk (itwon't "finalize"). I had 5 mini DVD-RW disks from a Samsung SC-DC164 that I needed recovered. Thanks again for your services. You have a great company. Your company and services are awesome!.

Camcorder dvd disks recovered after re-formatting

A Samsung DVD-RW and Sony DVD-R disk with their labels showing. The discs had been reformatted by accident and then sent to us to recover the video data.
Camcorder dvd disks recovered after being formatted

Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Camcorder DVD disks - 2 disks which I have had for a while. I had zeroed the data on the disk by wrongly reformatting causing the data to be wiped out. Someone had also attempted a recovery on one disk but failed. Once again thanks for recovering the video..

Movie Recording Disabled Sony Handycam

A Sony DVD Handycam DCR-DVD110 which used Sony DVD-R discs but also had the Recording Disabled message on the screen when trying to view the video clips.
Sony Movie Recording Disabled dvd recovery

Edgware, Middlesex
Sony DCR-DVD110 Handycam Recorder. Sony DVD-R 30min 1.4GB disc - cannot view or finalise recordings on the disc - Movie Recording Disabled message on camcorder screen. I had not finalised the disc. It was a video DVD of our holiday in Dubai. Thanks for the recovery..

Scratched DVD video recovery

A DataWrite DVD that had it's surface badly scratched but contained important data files that needed to be recovered.
Video coursework recovery from scratched DVD

Buxton, Derbyshire
I had a Datawrite red DVD containing vital video coursework. It was scratched and would not play. The windows media player said there is no disc. The scratches were on the clear side (where you can see the data burn rings / marks). Thescratched were very fine running from centre to edge. Thank you ever so much for recovering the video..

JVC DVD-RW C-13-02 error recovery

A JVC DVD-RW which did not manage to complete its finalization process and ended with the Sony Camcorder displaying C1302 error message.
DVD video recovery JVC disc c1302 fault

JVC DVD-RW 1.4GB. Incomplete finalization in Sony DCR-DVD92E PAL. Now screen shows Disc Error C:13:02 on handycam. Cannot access the video and need the movie recovered. Excellent news that you recovered the files, Best regards..

Maxell DVD finalising interrupted on Canon Camcorder

A Maxell DVD-RW in close up image of the label and reflective surface. This disk was used in a Canon Camcorder which failed to finalise the disk and ended with the message Recovering Data Task in progress. Consequently, the disk was later sent to us for recovery of the video.
Finalising Maxell DVD on Canon Camcorder

Lower Holloway, London
Maxell 30 min 1.4GB DVD-RW. Finalising was interrupted on Canon Camcorder. Recovering Data and Task in progress message. Could not find scenes recorded on the disk afterwards. Thank you so much for the recovered the data on the disk I sent..

Sony C:13:02 error DVD-RW

A Sony DVD-RW disk in its plastic cover. This disk is quite a common one to be sent to us for data recovery - especially after C:13:02 error while finalizing in the Handycam.
C:13:02 error on Sony DVD-RW

Geneva, Switzerland
I had a Sony mini DVD-RW 8cm 1.4GB disk with C:13:02 error message when finalising the disc. Thank you very much for the work. If I have problems with corrupted DVDs in the future, I will definitely get in touch with you ! Thanks again and best regards..

Hitachi DVD Cam no data on disc error

An Hitachi Camcorder DZ-BX35E which reported no data on the disc even though it had recorded video and was in the process of auto finalizing the DVD. Subsequently the customer sent the Mini DVD+RW disk (by Imation) to us to recover the files.
Hitachi DZ-BX35-E recover video after No Data on Disc error

DVD Cam is Hitachi DZ-BX35E and the Disc used was Imation Mini DVD+RW 1.4gb. Auto Finalise on the Hitachi DVD Cam has erased the video. I had tried ejecting the disc and it it finalised by itself. When loaded it again it says there is no data on the disc. Thank you once again for your help and wonderful service. To say I am happy with the recovery is an understatement..

TDK DVDRW format error in Panasonic Camcorder

A TDK DVD+RW disk that was used in a Panasonic camcorder. The camera showed the format error message when the DVD was inserted so the client sent it to us to fix so they could watch the video.
TDK DVDRW format error video recovery

TDK DVDRW Red and Silver used in Panasonic camcorder and yesterday it can up with format error on the DVD. Needed to fix it so that I could watch the DVD. The recovered video was burnt to new DVD which I have now received. Great work - thanks.

Finalise JVC Double Sided Disc Sony Camcorder

A wedding DVD recorded to JVC mini disc using a Sony Camcorder. The disk was double sided 2.8GB and these usually cause problems! This is because it is double sided so people are careless when handling the disk and leave fingerprints on the B side when extracting the disc to record on the other side.
Finalize JVC 2.8GB disc cannot play back video

Leatherhead, Surrey
Videoed a wedding last week on Sony Camcorder with JVC DVD 2.8GB Double Sided Disc - cannot see the video on playback and no option to finalise it.Took it into PC world and they think that the disc is corrupted. The disc contains about 40 minutes of data. Thanks again for the wonderful job you have done and for your prompt response, it is very much appreciated. It means so much to me to have this data recovered..

Sony DCR-DVD 205E recording disabled

A TDK mini DVD disc that would not play even though there was video stored on it. The DVD was used in a Sony DCR-DVD205E Handycam which displayed the Recording Disabled error message.
Sony Camcorder rec. disable

TDK DVD-RW damaged/faulty DVD minidisc which won't play. The camcorder sony DCR-DVD 205E and my computer see that there is information stored on thedisc but it won't play. There is a mark at the edge of the disk. Next recording session the error message recording disabled came up and then the disc wouldn't play back. The DVD arrived today and I am delighted with the results, thankyou verymuch..

Mini DVD camera dropped - trouble finalising disk

A dropped DVD camcorder that was used to record video to a JVC dvd-rw disc, and failed to finalize the disc so that it would not be recognised or play back the clips.
Camera dropped when finalising mini dvd disk

Newcastle, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
jvc dvd-rw disk - I had dropped the mini dvd video camera before the disk was finalised. Now it won't be recognised or play. Thank you for the recovered video. It has just made my day..

Maxell DVD-RW finalise on Sony camera

A Maxell DVD from a Sony DCR-DVD92E handycam that could not be finalized after the data was recorded. Another company had tried to recover the video but they failed so the disk arrived at our lab to be fixed.
Maxell DVD-RW finalize problem

Zeist, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Maxell DVD-RW 1.4GB 30min on Sony DCR-DVD92E PAL. After Recording I could not finalise the data . I did have another company look at my mini-DVD in Holland and they came to the conclusion that due to massive sector damage repair was not possible. You cannot imagine how happy we are with the recovered video, it is worth every penny!! Thank you!!!!.

Sony dvd handycam finalise JVC disk

A JVC mini DVD-RW disk that had a wedding recorded to both sides. The Sony Handycam gave a data error message while trying to finalize the disk for playback.
Finalise JVC disk in Sony camcorder

Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey
JVC Mini DVD-RW 2.8GB recorded a friends wedding on a Sony DVD HandyCam, using a double-sided JVC DVD-RW disc. When I went to finalise the disc, one side worked fine, and the other gave me a Data Error message. The side of the disc that finalised properly works fine and plays in my DVD player. The side with the error will not play on anything other that the camera. It also won't let me finalise the disc, and recording is not permitted. Apex, you are a genius!.

Finalise JVC DVD-RW

A DVD-RW disk made by JVC that would not finalize in the camera and needed the video recovering.
Finalise JVC DVD-RW check disc message

JVC DVD-RW Disk would not finalise in camera, turned power off and on again. Disk would not be recognised - the error message check disc came up. Disk received. Thank you.

TDK DVD-RW video recovery

A TDK DVD-RW that lost all its previously recorded video after a message was displayed on the camcorder to repair disc and reset device.
TDK DVD-RW video footage recovery

TDK DVD-RW. Recorded 20 minutes of footage - this disappeared after message came up saying reset device and repair disc. Continued to record about 10 seconds of footage which is visible but required all the previous video recovered. Package recieved! That's fantastic thanks for all your help..

Memorex dvd only partly plays back - video recovery

A Memorex mini DVD from a Panasonic DVD recorder. The disk underwent finalization but after copying it, the dvd player freezes and stutters on playback.
Memorex mini dvd video recovery

Wisconsin, USA
Memorex mini DVD marked Jan17 2008 used in a Panasonic Mini DVD recorder. Disc had been finalized and played back ok. However after attempting to copy the dvd it now locks up the dvd palyer part way through playback. (Recovered video was placed on a regular dvd). I used you a couple of years ago and you were a total lifesaver! Thank you so much again!.

Sony DVD+RW disc error video recovery

A Sony Handycam disk that showed disc error message. A computer was also tried to read the files but the disk showed blank or empty so it was sent to us for recovery.
Sony DVD+RW recover video after disc error

Luton, UK
Sony DVD+RW 30min 1.4 gb used on Sony Handycam. The disc was put into a computer to watch the video but would not find the files. It then got stuck in the DVD Player and we could not see the drive. Once ejected and placed back into the camcorder the camera showed disc error. The DVD Player also shows disc error. The recovery is great news, thank you so much. Best Wishes.

Finalise JVC mini DVD-RW video disk

A Camcorder DVD by JVC - this one is a rewritable dvd-rw that would not play in a DVD player. The reason was that it was not finalized correctly so was sent to us for repair.
JVC finalise mini DVD-RW video disk

Blyth, Northumberland
JVC DVD-RW 1.4 DVD - after finalising it would not play on a dvd player and now won't play back on the camcorder. Video recovery. Thank you ever so much for the DVD. It plays fine on my DVD player..

Panasonic VDR-D100 finalize TDK mini DVD-RW

This TDK mini DVD disc was used in a Panasonic camcorder. The disc was full of video but un-finalized so would not playback on other DVD recorders. It is shown diffracting the light off its reflective surface.
Finalize TDK mini DVD-RW Panasonic VDR-D100

South Downs College, Hants.
TDK mini DVD-RW disc from Panasonic VDR-D100 camcorder, which was un-finalized but full of data. Recorded on to DVD disk and it was full bot not finalized. Could view the dvd in the camcorder and watch the video to end and it was fine. Turned camcorder off and on again to take the disc out it would not eject the dvd and displayed disc error. After this it would show the 1st 25 seconds of recording but not the remainder of the dvd. Thank you very much for your work. I will use your company again if I have any more problems with dvd disc thank you.

Samsung Cam finalise Maxell DVD-RW

A Samsung DVD camcorder model number VP-DC161 that recorded video to a Maxell mini DVD-RW disc. The owner could not finalize the disc so they needed the footage recovering.
Samsung Camcorder finalise Maxell DVD-RW

Crowborough, East Sussex
Maxell DVD-RW 30min 1.4GB minidisc. Using Samsung Digital Cam VP-DC161 Pal Camcorder 20 minutes of footage was recorded in VR mode at SP. Could not finalize disc or watch any video footage.First of all thank you very much, it was fantastic to hear you had recovered the footage will recommend your services if anyone mentions the same problems. We have received the DVD and watched it, thank you so much we are delighted to have seen the footage again. All the best.

Panasonic VDR100 DVD video recovery

A Maxell DVD used in Panasonic Camcorder VDR100. The disk is double sided which sometimes causes trouble with Side B not playing or unusable after recording the video.
DVD shows blank in Panasonic VDR100

Cork, Eire (Ireland)
I had a Panasonic VDR100 with Maxell 60min double sided disc dvd-rw. Both sides were recorded. I had given the Panasonic VDR100 and disc to a company who were to edit the DVD. Now only side B of the disc shows. Side A shows unusable disc icon and required video recovery to new dvd. Thank you so much for the excellent service you have provided. We are delighted that our recording was able to be retrieved by your company..

Sony DVD+RW video recovery

A Sony DVD+RW mini disc that had become corrupt. When the user tried to play it back in the camera it looked like everything had gone.
Recover lost footage from Sony DVD+RW

Goole, Yorkshire
Sony DVD+RW Green. The disc had become corrupt. A lot of recorded footage on it but on next use everything had gone. It would not let me record or access the data. Tried to play DVD on Camcorder and DVD Player but neither worked. It had not been finalized. The recovered video is fantastic and so quick! Thank you very much!!!.

DVD shows empty in camcorder - video recovery

DVD showing empty when placed in camcorder or that the disc may be dirty.
Camcorder DVD shows empty recover video

Dalkeith, Scotland
Digitec DVD - shows empty. Camcorder showed error message "disc may be dirty or has scratches on it". Disc cleaned to no avail. We very much appreciate your prompt assistance. Should the need arise again - though I hope not!! - you will be our first port of call. Many thanks again..

Sony DVD camera DVD92E repair data

A DVD suffering the repairing data error message which showed up on the Sony Handycam it was used in. It was therefore sent to our offices for video recovery.
Repair video data sony handycam

Dordrecht, The Netherlands
The disk was about full - approx 30 minutes, and still recording. Then the Sony Handycam DVD92E showed message "repairing data". Then nothing could be done with the disk so it could not finalize. Now it shows failure C:13:02. This problem had occurred once before data recovery required.The recovery is great news. thank you very much and very grateful for your splendid work..

Finalize DVD from Panasonic Camcorder

A Maxell DVD-RW that could not be finalized in a Panasonic Camcorder.
Maxell DVD-RW finalize disc from Panasonic Camcorder

Edinburgh, Scotland
Maxell DVD-RW used in a Panasonic VDR - D100 camcorder. Camera displayed message about unable to finalize - disc in wrong format. The handycam was unable to view the video either. Wonderful - thankyou sooooo much for the recovery. Disaster averted!.

DVD202E camcorder trouble playing DVD

A Sony DVD-RW that caused the Handycam to display C:13:00 disc dirty error message. Even though the disc was clean it would not play so video recovery was required.
C:13:00 error on mini DVD recovery

Wimbledon, London
Sony DVD-RW DCR-DVD202E Camcorder disc. Disk kept showing up the error C:13:00 Disc is dirty when played on Sony DVD Player. The disc was finalized and appeared ok until I played it on my DVD player. Just to let you know I received the disk today and it all works - thanks.

Sony Handycam C:13:02 error dvd recovery

A Kodak mini DVD-R disk that was from a Sony Handycam DCR-DVD205. The disk failed to be finalized and showed C1302 error.
Recover video footage from C:13:02 error dvd disk

Dublin - Republic of Ireland
Kodak mini DVD-R 1.46GB 30mins DVD, It was recorded on a Handycam DCR-DVD205. The dvd disk was removed without finalizing the disk. When put back into the Sony Handycam it gives a C:13:02 error. When put in the pc it shows up as 0 bytes. The recovery is good news. Thank you..

Video recovery from blank Sony DVD+RW

This Sony ReWritable DVD+RW was formatted and appeared empty in the camera.
Recover home movie from Sony Camcorder DVD

Staines, Middlesex
Sony 8cm DVD+RW 1.4GB green camcorder movie disk. The Camcorder formatted the disk when switched back on, then the disk appeared blank but hopefully video footage is still present. Video was successfully recovered. Many thanks..

Sony DVD-RW Video Recovery

A Sony pink DVD-RW 8cm disk used in the camcorder but displayed error message during playback.
Video Camera DVD-RW not playing - repair

Internet Vision Ltd. London
The video appear to have recorded onto the DVD and burn marks could be seen. However the camera gave error when trying to play-back the video. I'm happy to confirm receipt..

Fuji-Film 1.4gb DVD-RW Video Recovery not finalised disc

This 8cm handycam disk was made by Fuji Film. We don't see many from that brand here but it did suffer the usual problem of being un-finalized.
Data Recovery Fuji-Film DVD-RW un-finalized

London, W10
The disc would not play on a DVD player since it was required to finalise the disc. Attempted to finalise the disc but without success - could not view the contents of the disc on the Handycam either. The recovery is great news! I am simply thrilled, thank you so much..

JVC DVD-RW disk error in Hitachi Camcorder

A Hitachi DVD HDD Camcorder - the so called hybrid camera. This one had suffered the disk error message before being sent in for data recovery.
Hitachi Video camera DVD disk error video recovery

Glasgow Scotland
The Hitachi Hybrid Camcorder initially used the JVC 1.4GB DVD-RW disk with no problems. Suddenly a Disk error message was shown on the LCD camera display and disc has been unusable since. We required recovery of the movie footage. Many many thanks for the video recovery - you have made my day! Please extend my thanks to all involved. Kind regards.

Video Recovery Memorex Mini DVD-RW

A Memorex DVD that was formatted by accident. This one is a silver mini 8cm DVD-RW model.
Formatted Camcorder DVD-RW video recovery

Newport, Gwent
Accidentally formatted Memorex Mini DVD-RW. After the disk was filled, it was formatted instead of finalizing it. We have received our DVD and are delighted that the content has been recovered. Thank you.

Video recovery after DVD camera dropped

A DVD that appeared blank after a Panasonic camcorder was dropped. This disk is a Maxell DVD-RW 1.4gb 30mins.
DVD recovery Panasonic camcorder - disk appears empty

Exeter, Devon
DVD recovery after Panasonic camera was dropped - camera attempted repair then failed to recognise data on disc. Maxell 30-min 1.4gb mini DVD-RW Video re-recordable disk. Disk now appears blank. Thank you very much for the recovery. I have just made the payment. Regards..

Finalise Budget mini dvd video recovery

A Budget branded DVD-R disk that had trouble while finalizing the disc.
Finalize Camcorder DVD (Budget) Movie recovery

Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK
Budget DVD-R discs did not finalise properly and could not finalise in Sony DVD101-E mini DVD camcorder or play back on DVD players or in the computer. Many thanks for your prompt contact and excellent service !.

Video recovery DVD-RW 2.8GB JVC double-sided showing 0 bytes

A series of CD or DVD disks showing light difracted from their shiny surfaces.
JVC DVD-RW disc double sided Video Recovery

Guildford UK
Thank you so much for recovering the DVD footage. We couldn't bare the thought of losing footage of the first 5 months of our first daughter's life. Can't thank you enough for a very professional service..

DVD-RW JVC 2.8GB camcorder disk video recovery

A DVD-RW mini disc by JVC that can hold 2.8gb of video data.
JVC Mini DVD-RW double-sided disk video recovery

Romford, Essex
Just to confirm the data has been received and the results are better than we expected needless to say we are very pleased that the video of our friend's daughters wedding has been recovered. Many thanks for the excellent service you have provided.

Camcorder mini-DVD Video Recovery

A Sony mini DVD Handycam - DCR-DVD404E in for video recovery.
Handycam DVD Video Recovery

Wilmslow Cheshire UK
Recovered DVD received with many thanks. We are delighted that you were able to recover the video footage of our son's first 3 months. As you know, I was initially concerned at the cost of recovery, but it is certainly worth it..

Mini DVD Video Recovery

Mini DVD Video Recovery problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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We recover mini DVD with C1302 and disc access errors, finalize dvd, disc empty or not showing video clips, disc dirty, disc not finalized.